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Located at, 333 Indian Canyon just a short walk from downtown Palm Springs towards the Art Museum and City Park, Il Giardino is the perfect place for dinner or a late afternoon snack.  Opened in 2015 it continues to serve customers with delicious Italian / Sicilian cuisine.


Whether you want a dinner with friends or with your family, the Garden is a welcoming place for your dinner, or just for a dessert, a cappuccino, a glass of wine, a salad or a bruschetta or bread and garlic, we are here to serve you.

For dinner we at the Garden offer you a great variety of second courses and salads, left with wonderful and traditional and hand-made dishes, Lasagna and Ravioli produced as Teresa made them and the very famous pasta alla Norma Sicilian dish which was dedicated to the very famous work of Bellini

Or our popular Crispy and tasty baked sea bass, in a fresh lemon sauce, and vegetables, the Valdostana Chicken Cutlet, encrusted in breadcrumbs and baked in the oven served with tomato sauce, bacon and homemade spaghetti with pesto, the desserts are not to be missed!

A special mini off menu and special dessert every week, here, you can easily find the famous Sicilian Cassata homemade by chef Teresa as tiramisu is prepared in Sicily and the famous cannoli with ricotta cream also made by her and prepared as per tradition in Sicily. Sicily.

 We are always happy to serve you and we do our best to make you feel at home, as you all have been doing for 6 years by welcoming us as we are.

Amazing food from chefs from Italy. A meal you will never forget.

“A truly italian restaurant”

If you like the Italian cuisine
you'll love our restaurant.